The Potter’s Wheel

Just as the potter works hard at his wheel, so must we as parents never cease our toil. We may have to change the pressure from our hands, from time to time, or redirect the gaze of our eyes, and even shift slightly in our stance and posture, but ever molding and molding… until the desired outcome begins to take shape and be apparent. Is this the vessel we want to put out into the Universe? Or should we add another pinch here or tuck there? Even then we keep tweaking the final vessel with adoring and loving touches all over. Keep in mind that “positive energy” is what we want to use to affect the vessel’s aura and being. And trust that love that pours out from the potter’s hands remains embedded within that vessel for all eternity, unable to be disengaged. The attention to our molding job is a priority, not to be taken lightly. Have a good day in the Universe!


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