Powerful Words take Root

Powerful Words take Root in the space that they are thrown into.

Words are strong image makers.  We all make choices when we pick the words we use in our daily conversations.  Curse words, negative words, and hurtful words are damaging.  Compassionate words, positive words and nurturing words are strength builders and universe binders.

Yes, it does take some effort to think before you utter sounds (words), but it is so necessary when you have accepted responsibility of having and raising a child.  You accepted the unwritten terms of our universe, to be a good “potter”, molding with love and respect.  It’s a very big deal!

The words our children hear us using on a daily basis impacts the decisions they make when they begin to utter sounds also.  Do they pull from a bank of appropriate and kind words and descriptions, or do they pull from ragged and hateful words and descriptions.  What are you filling their ears with?

Remember, we are molding and impacting impressionable little people.  Help their brain cells develop firmly from positive words, positive energy, and love.  C’mon people, we can do this.

Posted with a humongous Universal Hug!


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