Parenting Styles Do Matter!

What is your parenting style? There was never any question for me about my style.  It was an extension of my own childhood (my father was a career military man), and what I thought was best for my own family situation at the time.  We have to face the fact, that we as parents, have to make a decision of what will be best for our individual family.

Read what is shared at the article link below about four parenting styles:

My style is located in the upper right side, as I knew it would be, and it worked for me.  It takes my now grown children to tell the tales of how their childhood was not like some of their peers.  They were not able to watch some of the same “mindless” but mind shaping TV shows that their classmates watched, couldn’t listen to the some of the same music and couldn’t go some of the same places to hang out as the others.  I kept a very tight reign on their activities and to this day I do not regret any of it.  As a matter of fact, they laugh about it now and actually thank me for being the Mom from Cray-Cray.

In these frightful times of today, where our youth run fast and free, I encourage you to please keep your children close (even though they will resist) and do not let them out of your sight for long periods.  They do not understand the evil that lurks close by and they just won’t pay attention to red flags as you, the ever watchful Parent should!  They are too busy enjoying LIFE and we have to recognize that it’s where their heads are.  Even in the animal kingdom, mama whales keep their young right at their sides, as they teach about the dangers of the seas.  Mama birds literally place the correct nourishment into the mouths and minds of their young chicks until they are grown.  In wolf pack families, it’s the Male wolf that protects his young, provides the food and teaches them how to become part of the wolf pack.  We must be as diligent with our young ones.  Lead and teach.  Nature is a great model!

Sending Peaceful and Positive energy out to the Universe!koala-mother-baby_19891_990x742


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