The month of May is full of expectations and joyous revelry. There are emotion filled holidays such as May Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Cinco De Mayo celebrations to name a few.  I kept thinking, I must write something about the feelings that come from being a Mother on Mother’s Day.  But I was so filled with gratitude and joy at the respect and honorings my family gives me…that I couldn’t put it in words.  I was also feeling a little sadness about the fact that my own Mother was passed on to the Heavens many years ago and once again I could not celebrate this day with her. I did celebrate it FOR her though, by having tearful conversations in my heart with her about the wonderful family I have that she would be so proud to know. And thanks to some considerate discussions with an older cousin of mine over the years, we know more things about and are proud of achievements made by my Mom that was not previously shared or remembered.

Memorial Day is special in our family for many reasons. We try to honor our loved ones that passed on by taking my Dad to dress & clean up grave sites of our dear family members. It is an act that is important to him, so we give him that time and attention. As we are also a military family, we honor our military past and our veteran military family members, which my Dad is one.  After cemetery duties, this year we all went to Dad’s favorite eating spot and had a great time among his eating community and friends.

So all in all, May brings out memories and emotions for us all.  And that is good for the soul.

Remembering Memorial Day


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